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Non-Destructive Tools for VRChat Avatars
Clothing Attacher | Toggle Builder | Gesture Manager | Controller Merger | Avatar Optimizer | Modular Setup | All Reversible


  • Easy to use
    • Define toggles, gestures, item modes and more using a simple GUI in Unity
  • No more layers, no more menu editing
    • The animation controller, VRC Menu, and synced parameters are all generated automatically by VRC Fury.
  • Great for asset artists
    • Prefabs can contain their own VRC Fury definitions
    • Distribute your avatar addons with everything needed for the user to add your animations / props to their menu.
    • No more complicated "copy my layers into your fx"! If their project has VRC Fury, they can just drop your prefab into their project, and upload!
    • For more details, check out VRCFury for Artists
  • No more absolute paths for animations
    • VRC Fury props defined in prefabs will automatically have their clips rewritten to work properly, no matter where in the hierarchy they are ultimately placed.
    • Write your animation clips from the root of the prefab, and VRCFury will handle rewriting it when it winds up on an avatar.
  • No clips? No problem!
    • Just want to toggle a game object or a blend shape? No worries!
    • VRC Fury can create these toggles for you, without you needing to touch animation clips whatsoever.
  • Gestures, Idle Animation Support, and more!
    • Fury isn't just about props. It also has logic to build every single animation layer that I personally use myself for my avatars. If it can't build a layer the way you want, let us know and maybe we can support it!
  • Already got your avatar perfect?
    • VRC Fury still works perfectly with avatars that already have animations.
    • Your existing layers, parameters, and menus will be untouched, and VRC Fury will keep its work totally separate from yours.
    • This also means VRC Fury will not clobber the work of TPS, VRCLens, etc.
    • VRCFury does its work just before your avatar uploads. It makes a copy of your work, adds the features you've requested, then ships that off! This means your animation controller files are never touched, and if you're unhappy with the results, you can just remove it and your next upload will be like it was never there.
    • Note: VRC Fury works with existing controllers using either Write Defaults ON or OFF.
  • No more write defaults pain
    • Every layer generated by VRC Fury will automatically have its default states calculated and maintained, based on the resting state of your avatar in the editor. This includes animation clips you give VRC Fury, so now you only have to make "on" animations, no more "off"!
  • And more!
    • We're constantly adding more and more non-destructive avatar features to VRCFury. Keep an eye out for updates!