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Download and Install

How to install VRCFury

  • Click here to add VRCFury to the VRChat Creator Companion
    • Didn't work? In the VCC, go to Settings > Packages > Add Repository, type and click Add
  • In the list, make sure VRCFury Repo is checked
  • Find your project in the VCC project list, click Manage Project, then add VRCFury.
  • To update VRCFury later on, you can do so by returning to the Manage Project VCC page.
Click here for legacy install methods

These methods are not supported

We only provide support for VCC installations of VRCFury. These installation methods are only available for legacy reasons, and should not be used for any new projects.

Method 2. VRCFury Installer

  • Download and import the VRCFury Installer
  • To update VRCFury later on, you can do so in unity at Tools > VRCFury > Update VRCFury.

Method 3. OpenUPM

VRCFury is available on the OpenUPM at


Having trouble installing? Check out the troubleshooting page