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Getting Started

  1. Install VRCFury
  2. If you're installing a VRCFury-ready prefab from an artist, stop here! Since their prefab is already setup for VRCFury, you don't need to set up your own components! Simply drag the VRCFury-ready prefab on your avatar and follow instructions if any apply.
    Tip: If the asset you're trying to add to your avatar does not come with VRCFury already setup, take a look at the prefab-sharing forum on the VRCFury Discord, someone might already have made a VRCFury-ready community prefab for your asset!
  3. Select your main avatar object, or the prop you are trying to setup, then at the bottom of the Inspector, click Add Component and add the VRCFury components you need.
    See the Components section for information about each component.
  4. Set the components up to your liking or needs. For guides on how to use VRCFury, refer to Tutorials
  5. You're done! There's no "building" or "applying" to do. VRCFury will non-destructively update your controllers, VRC menus and params automatically before each upload, or when you enter play mode.