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Avoid Using Constraints with SPS

When setting up raliv DPS by hand, using parent constraints to move a single socket around may be helpful to ensure only one is enabled at a time (enabling more than that one can cause some very unusual issues!).

So why not do this with SPS?

  • Constraints introduce massive amounts of jitter to contacts due to a vrchat bug. This causes unexpected variations in depth animations and haptics.
  • Deactivated lights have no impact on render performance. It's not bad to have extra lights that are off.
  • A single socket uses 2 lights, which already marks your vrchat avatar as "Very Poor." Additional lights won't make your performance rank any worse.
  • Parent constraints are very slightly less performant than placing objects directly on their parent bone.
  • Re-using one socket prevents all SPS menu features from working, such as Auto mode, Dual mode, etc.
  • Re-used sockets cannot have separate animations.
  • OGB is unable to detect which specific haptics to activate if a socket is re-used since they all share the same parameter name.
  • When socket light and contact installation is automated by VRCFury, it already ensures only one can be active at a time.