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Troubleshooting / Errors / FAQ

VRCFury doesn't show up or install or update

The associated script can not be loaded. Please fix any compile errors and assign a valid script.

Does it seem like the installer isn't doing anything, or you installed but VRCFury still doesn't show up? Usually this is caused by something else broken in your project. If ANY script in your project is broken, it breaks THE WHOLE THING, including VRCFury.

Are you using the VCC AND do you have an Assets/VRCSDK folder in your project?

  • If so, you have two conflicting copies of the VRCSDK.
  • Delete Packages/com.vrchat.base and Packages/com.vrchat.avatars from your project using windows explorer
  • Open the VCC, go to Manage Your Project, and re-add the VRChat SDK - Avatars
  • This will automatically clean up the conflicting copy.

Still not fixed?

  • Open the Unity Console tab by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C Unity, then click Clear on the top left. Take note of any errors.
  • If there are errors related to AV3Manager, delete the folder for that plugin.
  • If there are errors related to AV3Emulator, delete the folder for that plugin and (optionally) use Gesture Manager instead.
  • If there are errors related to Poiyomi, delete the Assets/_PoiyomiShaders folder and import a fresh copy from their website.
  • If there are errors related to Gesture Manager, ensure it is up to date in the VCC or get a fresh copy from their github.
  • If there are errors related to some other script, try deleting it if you don't need it.

Toggles or other properties "stick" or do not work at all

  • This is most likely because of a broken Write Defaults mix.
  • Look for a VRCFury | Fix Write Defaults component under your avatar's root (the same object containing the VRC Avatar Descriptor), and change it from Disabled to Auto. Disabled This indicates that you clicked Skip and stop asking when VRCFury detected a (likely) broken WD mix and asked whether or not it should try to fix it for you automatically.
  • In case Auto causes other issues or breaks something, please report this on the [VRCFury Discord].

'Client' does not contain a definition for 'Resolve'

  • You may have accidentally updated the VRChat Package Resolver Tool in the VCC to 0.1.27 or newer while using unity 2019.
  • First, upgrade the VCC itself. Newer versions would have prevented you from experiencing this issue.
  • Then, choose one:
    • Upgrade the project to Unity 2022 follow the instructions in the VCC
    • Or, downgrade the VRChat Package Resolver Tool in your project to 0.1.26

Extra Field can't be serialized

Type '[VRCFury]...' has an extra field '...' of type '...' in the player, and thus can't be serialized

This can happen if unity gets confused in the middle of a VRCFury upgrade.

  • Remove VRCFury using the VCC
  • Click on unity to wake it up and make it aware of the removal
  • Reinstall VRCFury using the VCC again

Assembly search path does not exist

The assembly search path '.../com.vrcfury.vrcfury/Libs' does not exist

This is a warning and can be ignored. It happens if you uninstall VRCFury because unity will not unload VRCFury's DLL's until the next time it restarts.

Poiyomi is broken

Assets\_PoiyomiShaders\Scripts\... error: No overload for method...
Assets\_PoiyomiShaders\Scripts\... error: ... does not contain a definition for ...
Assets\_PoiyomiShaders\Scripts\... error: etc

  • This is not a VRCFury issue.
  • Your Poiyomi is out of date and broken, and it is breaking all scripts in your project.
  • Update Poiyomi using the VCC at

Preprocess Callback Failed

The VRCSDK build was aborted because the VRCSDKPreprocessAvatarCallback 'PreuploadHook' reported a failure

  • This error just means 'The build failed for some reason', and has no meaning.
  • For the root cause, check the popup or error that occurred before this one.

Failed to create state behaviour

Failed to create state behaviour of type ... Usually this means you have an error in one of your other non-vrcfury packages.

  • An error should be listed in the message.
  • Delete the package mentioned in the error if you are not using it, or upgrade it to a new version otherwise.
  • If no error is listed, follow the steps in VRCFury doesn't show up or install or update

Missing script

You are trying to replace or create a Prefab from the instance ... that references a missing script. This is not allowed.

  • If you believe the missing script is VRCFury, follow the instructions at VRCFury doesn't show up or install or update
  • Some unity packages still come with old dynamic bones. If your missing scripts are on places where dynamic bones may exist (like ears, tails, dresses, etc), import the dynamic bones stub then in unity, select your avatar's root and choose VRChat SDK > Utilities > Convert DynamicBones to PhysBones. Note that this is not an issue related to VRCFury, so we cannot provide support regarding Dynamic Bones.
  • If you don't know what the missing script is, refer to the instructions of the asset you imported and look for any dependencies you missed, or ask the creator. Note that this is also not an issue related to VRCFury, so we cannot provide support regarding this either.

Synced layers disappear

  • Do not use synced layers in any controllers in your project.
  • A unity bug causes synced layers to vanish any time a layer (even an unrelated one) is removed from any controller.
  • An alternative solution is to duplicate the layer you want to sync, or drive a paramter from the first layer when you need to trigger something in the second layer.

Blendshapes are clamped from 0 to 100

  • This is a VRChat limitation.
  • Although the unity editor allows blendshapes to be outside this range, once in game, VRChat uses a unity setting called Clamp BlendShapes (Deprecated) which forces them to remain within the 0-100 range.
  • You can enable this Clamp Blendshapes option in the Player settings in the editor to replicate how it will work in game. In version 3.5.1 or newer of the VRChat SDK, this option is enabled automatically.

Found a null list on a child object

VRCFury component is corrupted on ???

Cause 1. Unity 2022

The VRCFury package you are trying to use may have been created using Unity 2022, but you are using Unity 2019. Packages created using 2022 can only be used in projects on 2022. You must upgrade your project to 2022 to use the package.

Cause 2. Outdated VRCFury

Your VRCFury may have been out of date when you imported the package. Update VRCFury. If the error persists, find the erroring file in the unity browser, right click on it, and select Reimport.

PlayerSettings.Android does not contain a definition for optimizedFramePacing

Your project has VRCSDK 3.5.0+, which requires Unity 2022, but you are using Unity 2019. Either upgrade to unity 2022 in the Creator Companion, or downgrade the VRCSDK to 3.4.2.

The type or namespace name 'AndroidExternalToolsSettings' does not exist in the namespace 'UnityEditor.Android' (are you missing an assembly reference?)

This is not related to VRCFury. This can happen if you install unity android support, then switch to android in a project without restarting unity first.

Application Error

This error is unrelated to VRCFury. It means that you are trying to upload an avatar ID to VRChat that does not belong to your account. Find the Pipeline Manager component on your main avatar object (next to your VRC Avatar Descriptor) and click Detach to create a new avatar ID, then try your upload again.

Unity 2022 with an ancient VRCFury install

Failed to resolve packages: Tarball package [com.vrcfury.installer] cannot be found at path

This error can happen if you migrate a project to Unity 2022 that was using a version of VRCFury from several years ago. Using windows explorer, open Packages/manifest.json in notepad (or a text editor of your choice) and remove all lines containing the word vrcfury. There may be more than one. Then, try to re-open the project.