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Quest Compatibility

Creating a Quest version of your avatar is something beyond the scope of VRCFury. It often involves creating a more optimized version of your mesh, creating alternative versions of your materials using only mobile shaders, and choosing what props and materials you are going to leave off.

However, for toggles and menu options to sync properly between Desktop and Quest, the parameters for each must be identical, and in the same order. The easiest way to do this on an avatar with VRCFury is to follow these steps:

  • Your Quest avatar should start as an identical copy of your Desktop avatar. If you understand prefabs, you may even want your Quest version to be a prefab variant of your desktop version.
  • On the copy, do not delete any objects or VRCFury scripts. Deleting VRCFury scripts may cause some parameters to be missing from the quest version, preventing VRChat's parameter sync from working properly.
  • If you wish to delete a mesh, light, or item, delete the Mesh Renderer component or other components from the objects, while leaving the VRCFury components in place. Again, do not delete entire objects.
  • Replace materials and meshes with optimized / mobile versions if desired.
  • If you still seem to have issues with toggles not syncing between platforms properly, you can go into play mode on each version, and check VRCFury's generated "parameters" file on the avatar descriptor in play mode. If the parameters do not match exactly, the missing parameter may give you a hint about what is missing between the two versions.