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1. Import things

2. Delete old Zawoo installs

If you tried to install a Zawoo prefab on your avatar before using VRCFury, select your avatar in the hierarchy, then go into the top unity menu, Tools > VRCFury > Utilities > Nuke Zawoo Parts button. This will delete the potentially-broken install of the Zawoo prefab that you attempted to install before. You don’t need to do this if you started fresh with VRCFury.

3. Add the prefab

Find Assets/VRCFury Zawoo Knotty Canine or Assets/VRCFury Zawoo Hybrid Anthro in the folder browser

Drag the prefab file from this folder onto your main avatar object, then drag the newly created object onto your avatar's hips.

If you drag it straight onto your hips instead of onto your avatar root first, it might have a crazy default scale!

Make sure it winds up inside of your Hips bone! Scale and position the item as you see fit. DO NOT UNPACK THE PREFAB. None of these instructions from the normal zawoo install doc are needed with vrcfury!

4. You’re done!

Customize the materials if you want, and upload away! You're done! You can turn it on in-game in the Zawoo expressions menu.

If you're uploading for quest, you will need to change the materials to use shaders from vrchat's quest-approved shader list: . Additionally, this means the DPS version of the asset will not work on quest.