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This is the one-stop shop for adding hand gestures to your avatar! For each hand gesture, choose which hand is used for the gesture, and which hand sign needs to be acted. If you select COMBO, the gesture will only activate if you do the given gesture on both hands simultaneously. Use the + (Plus symbol) to set the animation clip / blend shape that your gesture will activate.


Disable Blinking when Active

If enabled, this gesture will automatically prevent your avatar from blinking while the gesture is active. Useful if the gesture does something like sad eyes or eyes closed. Note: Only works if your avatar's blinking is controlled by the VrcFury Blink Controller.

Customize Transition Time

By default, gestures will active in 0.1 seconds. You can adjust this with this option.

Gesture Lock

Set a menu path here, and an item will be created in your expression menu at the given path. The menu item will allow you to easily lock the gesture "on" without having to hold the hand sign.

Exclusive Tag

If multiple gestures contain the same Exclusive Tag, only one can be active at a time. For instance, if you have a Sad and an Angry gesture, you could give them both the same tag, and the system will prevent them from being active simultaneously. The "highest" one in the list wins. A gesture can have multiple Exclusive Tags separated by commas.