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Other Components

Advanced Visemes

This component allows you to use VRCFury actions as visemes.


  • Use Animation Clips, Flipbooks, or any other VRCFury action as a speech viseme.
  • You can use bone transforms in your visemes, meaning you can open your jaw rather than using an "open mouth" Blendshape.
  • This can enhance some features, such as tongue movement, while your mouth is open during speech.

Anchor Override Fix

Adding this component ensures that all of your avatar meshes use the same anchor override, which ensures different meshes receive the same environment lighting level.

Add this component, specify a clothing mesh, and a path to the Body object on the avatar, and the blendshapes from the clothing will automatically be linked to the avatar body. This means any sliders / toggles affecting the body will be reflected in the clothing as well automatically.

Blendshape Optimizer

Automatically bakes all non-animated blendshapes into your avatar's meshes. Reduces your VRAM usage for free, no configuration required!

Include a single-frame animation of your avatar with its eyes closed (or click the plus and give it the blend shape name), and VRCFury will drive your avatar's blink cycle.


  • Blinking will stop automatically when your avatar performs VRCFury gestures affecting its eyes. This means no more 'double-blinking'.
  • Unlike VRChat's built-in eye tracking disable feature, your eyes will not freeze closed, partially closed, unfreeze unexpectedly due to combo-gestures.
  • Your eye blink will be synchronized with all other clients (I'm unsure if the default vrc eye blink is synced or not).

Bounding Box Fix

This component ensures that every mesh on your avatar has a suitably large bounding box. This prevents the issue when some objects on your avatar dissappear when viewed at extreme angles.

Cross-Eye Fix

VRChat introduces roll to your eye bones in some circumstances, making it appear that you've gone cross-eyed. Adding this fix will solve this problem automatically through a combination of rotation constraints to eliminate roll.

Direct Tree Optimizer

If you add this component to your avatar, VRCFury will attempt to convert all "plain" toggle layers on your avatar into a compressed direct blend-tree. This reduces the number of animator layers on your avatar, which can have a meaningful improvement on performance (frame time).

Fix Write Defaults

This component will automatically align Write Defaults for every state on your avatar. If will automatically prefer whichever your avatar is "closest to," meaning it will select On or Off depending on which requires the fewest changes to your avatar. If you'd like, you can override the selection and Force Off or Force On. Yes, it's magic.

Apply During Upload

This component can apply any action on your avatar during the upload/build process. Useful if you want to show a property like a blendshape on your avatar in the editor but have it "off" when uploading.

Delete During Upload

Deletes the entire object, and all children of the object it is added to during the upload/build process. No other VRCFury components stored within will be processed.


All this does is show an editor gizmo. It does nothing in game. Useful primarily for prop artists who wish to identify something on their prop without including it in the upload.

Move Menu Item

Can move a menu item, either already on the avatar, or one created by VRCFury. Simply enter the path you'd like to move from and move to. For example:

  • From: My Folder/Clothing/Shirt
  • To: Cool Stuff/Clothes/Shirt

Override Menu Icon

Will override the icon for the given item in your menu.

Override Menu Settings

Allows you to change VRCFury's default "Next" menu item, when there are too many items to fit on a page.

Remove Hand Gestures

When present, this component eliminates any features in your avatar's non-VRCFury controllers that use hand gestures. This is useful if you'd like to implement your own hand gestures with VRCFury, don't want them to conflict with ones that came with a base avatar, and don't want to edit them manually.

Security Lock

This component allows you to set a pin number which, when entered in your avatar's Security submenu, will unlock any VRCFury Toggles which you've marked with the Security flag.

Senky Gesture Driver

This component sets up gestures the way that Senky likes them! Probably not super useful for you, unless you want this very specific gesture hand layout.

Show In First Person

This component uses constraints to always show the object that it is placed on and its children in the first person view of the avatar wearer. It cannot be combined with Armature Link and will effectively parent the object it is placed on to the Head.

Toes Puppet

Given an animation for up, down, and out, this creates a puppet for toe control in your menu.

When-Talking State

This is a very simple component which activates the given action(s) only while the user is "talking" (with any viseme).