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Create menu toggles, buttons and sliders

Use this for a normal on/off toggle, button or slider. For simple object props, click Add Action +, choose Object toggle, and then drag the object into the field. You can also use any of the other actions available within VRCFury. For more advanced "on" states, you can provide an animation clip instead.


The name of the toggle in your VRChat radial menu.

Use slashes to place the toggle in a submenu. For example, Props/My Cool Piano would place the toggle My Cool Piano in a submenu named Props.

Saved Between Worlds

Saves toggle state between worlds and avatar changes. Use this for options such as outfits, body adjustments, or texture swaps that should stay the same.

Use Slider Wheel

Convert the toggle into a radial slider. 0 will be the avatar default state, and 100 will be your "enabled" state. If Default On is enabled, a starting value can be set.

Protect with Security

When a toggle is flagged with the Security flag, it can only be enabled when the Security Lock feature is unlocked on your avatar.

Default On

Automatically enables the prop or animation when the avatar loads. This is useful for idle animations or props that should be on by default. A toggle set to Default On will also be shown in the avatar's "Rest Pose".
The "Rest Pose" describes the in-game avatar selector, during full body calibration, and for users who have disabled your avatar's custom animations.

You can still disable the toggle in-game from your VRChat radial menu.

Show/Hide when animator disabled

If enabled, this toggle will either appear as enabled or disabled respectively in the avatar's "Rest Pose". Show will automatically swap to Hide if you enable Default On.

Exclusive Tags

If multiple toggles contain the same Exclusive Tag, only one can be active at a time. For example, if you have multiple sets of clothing which interfere with each other, you can define an exclusive tag clothing. When one is enabled, all other toggles with the same tag will be disabled.

Multiple tags can be given, separated by commas.

Exclusive Off State

Automatically be activated when all other toggles with the same Exclusive Tags are disabled. This should be used on the 'default' option for a set of exclusive toggles.

Set Custom Menu Icon

Sets a Texture2D as the icon of the toggle in the radial menu.

Separate Local State

Use a separate animation for local and remote machines. The local state will be seen by the user in the avatar, and the remote state will be seen by everyone else.

Enable Transition State

Creates two additional states for animating a transition between the off and on state. The transition animation will be played forwards when transitioning from off to on and backwards when transitioning from on to off when Transition Out is reverse of Transition In is on, otherwise an separate out transition can be set. If Separate Local State is enabled, separate local transitions can also be set.

Use a Global Parameter

Use a given parameter name instead of an autogenerated parameter for the toggle. This is useful if you want to have a toggle that is controlled by via OSC, or if you want to use the same toggle in other places in an Animator.

Hold Button

The toggle will be enabled while the button is held down, and disabled when is released.

Toggle Sets ("One At a Time")

There are several ways in VRCFury to create "toggle sets" -- multiple toggles that work together to control outfits, skins, materials, etc on your avatar.

Solution 1: Create multiple toggles with Exclusive Tags

You could create a separate VRCFury Toggle for each outfit, giving them each a separate path in your menu. Then, in the Options section for each toggle, enable Exclusive Tags and type the same string into each one. This will cause the outfits to turn each other off -- ensuring that only one will be active in your menu at a time.

The benefit to this solution is that each outfit can have its own descriptive name in your menu, making it more user-friendly.

For advanced outfits (such as a mixture of tops, bottoms, and full-body outfits), you can give multiple Exclusive Tags to a single toggle. For example, your tops could have the exclusive tag tops, bottoms have the exclusive tag bottoms, and then the full-body outfits would have the tag tops,bottoms, causing the full body outfits to automatically turn off all of the tops and bottoms when activated.

Solution 2: Create a Slider

You can use VRCFury to create a single slider wheel, used to select between all of your outfits / materials.

  1. Create a new VRCFury Toggle
  2. Click Options -> Use Slider Wheel
  3. Click Add Action and choose Flipbook Builder
  4. Add a page to the flipbook for each outfit / preset / material
  5. In each page, add actions like Material Swap to customize what happens in that portion of the slider